The Greater Curtin Masterplan, Parcel A and B

Sarawak, Malaysia

The New Urbanism Concept is translated into detailed plans of parcels A and B to comprise an integrated urban pattern that is supported by an efficient traffic system, significant axial boulevards and avenues, well-landscaped and safe neighbourhood streets, network of green open spaces, and the provision of quality public amenities. The new concept promotes environment-friendly development by encouraging the use of public transport and the creation of green pedestrian linkages. TAK introduced contemporary and quality building designs ranging from bungalows, semi-detached houses, terraced houses, apartments, commercial/mixed use and institutional blocks within the University Township.

The 200-acre parcels A and B will be a pioneering township dedicated to foster the development of Sarawak’s bioscience industry through technology transfer, new business formation and expansion of existing businesses. Located in the heart of Sarawak, it will be a comprehensive development to encompass all aspects of living, working, R&D, and enhancement of biotechnology ventures. The Greater Curtin University Development Master Plan envisages the creation of a self-sustaining university township which will comprise residential and commercial facilities and amenities to support and complement the development of Curtin University of Technologies Sarawak Campus. When completed, the area will have the most modern and most equipped research facilities with residential amenities within a scenic environment conducive to sustaining a “knowledge enclave.”

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