Putrajaya Precinct 8

Promenade Phase 1A
Putrajaya, Malaysia

The waterfront promenade is a water edge park which provide residents and visitors a unique recreational avenue. Located along the edge of Putrajaya main lake it is a unique rest and recreational feature in the overall Putrajaya development.

The waterfront promenade covers an area of 5.3 acres and stretches for almost a kilometer south of Bridge 10 to the Lake Valley. In addition to its recreational functions, it provides pedestrian connections within Precinct 8, the adjacent residential areas, and Lake Valley Park.

TAK’s concept for the promenade envisages public appreciation of the natural landscape and active use of the area for rest and recreational activities. The promenade which is designed to be fully accessible by the disabled, will also allow pedestrian circulation to the various neighbouring precincts and promote various activities around the lake.

TAK’s interweaving of soft and hard landscape elements together with a hard edges and paved areas closer to the lake has created a unique waterfront park. The tropical ambience of the area is enhanced through a careful selection of plants as landscape elements and a combination of formal and informal features. A hard-paved waterfront walkway that defines the waters-edge of the precinct creates a unique corridor along the shoreline and draws attention to the lake. Meandering walkways with scattered trees and plants, blend with the natural landscape to form the soft natural features of the park while information and food kiosks and special areas located within the promenade cater for various activities. The entire park is designed to establish a symbiotic relationship between the users and their natural surroundings.

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