Putrajaya Masterplan

Putrajaya, Malaysia

The plan for a new federal government administrative centre located far from the congestion of Kuala Lumpur came to fruition in 1993 with the site selection at Parang Besar. Spread over 11,320 acres of verdant and undulating terrain, the Master Plan for the Federal Government Administrative Centre of Putrajaya admirably adheres to its original thematic concepts of a garden city and an intelligent city. The administrative centre was officially named in honour of Malaysia’s first Prime Minister, the late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj.

Planning within the limitations of the rugged landform and addressing primary concerns on transportation, land stabilization, and possible extension of the central boulevard, the Master Plan resulted in a layout that suitably respects both nature and intra-governmental functions carefully integrating a comprehensive transportation network. As a result, the overall ecological impact of the revision was substantial reduction in earthworks and minimization of the development on the natural terrain of the land. TAK’s recommendations were accepted in 1997 and are currently being implemented. The Putrajaya Master Plan remains one of TAK’s most successful master planning projects for national government centres.

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