Putrajaya Diplomatic Enclave

Putrajaya, Malaysia

The relocation of the Federal Administrative Centre included the relocation of the diplomatic community within a specially planned and secured area. The Putrajaya Diplomatic Enclave was envisaged to accommodate the office chanceries, residential and commercial requirements of the community.

A 202.4 acre site has been designated for the diplomatic enclave in Precinct 15 of the Putrajaya development. Convenience and security features were crucial as was designing quality living and working environment for the diverse foreign diplomatic community. The enclave was to cater not only for immediate needs but also into the next millennium.

TAK has drawn up comprehensive layout and urban design guidelines for the development. The concept consists of attractively designed and crafted neighbourhoods around a commercial centre. The spatial overall design allows maximum privacy with little visual deterrence. Over 12 hectares are reserved for parks and gardens ideal for rest and recreational activities. The commercial centre and neighbourhoods would incorporate all the other needs of the communities from schools, places of worship to day-to-day amenities.

The design optimizes the natural landscape to achieve maximum security, privacy and convenience. The neo-traditional concept and new urbanism philosophy provide quality living and working environment. It is an evolving plan which considers current requirements and provides for future expansion and modifications.

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