Parkcity Beverly Hotel

Bintulu,Sarawak, Malaysia

The 228-room Parkcity Beverly Hotel has become a new landmark rising amidst the low-lying Bintulu shophouses. Referred to as the stepped hotel due to its distinctive cascading profile, the hotel is sited at the water edge of the Batang Kemena rivermouth. It is accessible from one of the boulevards planned as the northern gateway to Bintulu – Jalan Tanjung Batu..

The 10-storey accommodation block reflects the marriage between pragmatism and expressionism – a duality or split-personality. Combining the ambience of a business hotel and a resort, the design features an eggcrate grid of standard business hotel rooms without balconies at its northern façade while displaying a series of cascading resort-like terraces on the other façade. These stepped terraces offer views to the sea as well as “framed” views towards the town centre

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