Miri City Fan

Sarawak, Malaysia

The Miri City Fan is the award-winning park with a unique fan-shaped civic park covering 26 acres that forms part of the Miri Resort City Master Plan in Sarawak, Malaysia. The three main features of the park are the civic promenade, the individually themed gardens, and the library cum cultural centre.

The overall design enables the park to be viewed either in its entirety or in distinctive pockets. A configuration of converging and diverging pathways between different points forms nodes and sets the tone of passage through the park. Plants and paths have been utilized creatively to naturally draw visitors from one part to the other. The Miri City Fan was awarded first place in the Urban Park category in the Malaysian Landscape Day in 2001.

Miri is designed to create unity with the local culture and traditions. Themed gardens were designed to capture the diversity of Miri. The Garden of Vision is a grand amphitheater with 4 pavilions that symbolize social progress and harmony of the city. The space doubles as a stage for outdoor performances with a musical fountain as an attractive backdrop. The Islamic Garden incorporated Islamic architectural features domes, arches, Islamic symbols and traditions. The Chinese Garden captures the Chinese cultural heritage of Miri by the use of gateways and gazebos in traditional Chinese architecture. The Formal Garden consists of a classical water fountain in the middle of a formal patterned garden with well-clipped hedges and axial geometric paving patterns. The Botanical Ethnic Garden features symbolic elements, an herb garden with traditional sculptures of the various ethnic groups of Sarawak creating harmony and diversity.

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