Meydan Receiving Barns

Dubai, U.A.E

A new feature in grandstand design is the integrated receiving barn where horses are “received” and “cared-for” prior to their race. Strategically located at one end of the grandstand, world-class facilities in horse-care are provided ensuring top-notch horses are ready and fit to compete at their best.

Meydan Receiving Barns function as the holding area for horses before and after the races. This restricted access facility has a horseshoe-shaped courtyard and is conveniently located adjacent to the racetracks. It is connected to the Parade Ring and Paddocks through a tunnel network. Although it is highly restricted, the barns are designed to allow public at the 2nd floor roof deck to view the racetracks.

The first floor is designed for the exclusive use of horsemen, owners, grooms, veterinarians, race officials, and horses participating in the race. Ancillary facilities are located on the first floor to allow for the mandatory checks on all horses prior to the race. For ease of transporting the horses to the first floor, ramps with loading and unloading areas for horse boxes are integrated in the design. Ample parking areas for Horse Boxes and users are provided for at the ground level.

A horseshoe-shaped courtyard plaza is a focal point of the receiving barn. Designed to be a landscaped area which opens up to the racetracks, the plaza will have multiple uses as an outdoor venue for varied activities. The receiving barns other than providing required services for horse racing events are designed to capitalize on the open areas by allocating alternative uses.

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