Meydan Horse Atrium

Meydan Grandstand, U.A.E.

With sunlight casting its warmth over the spacious lobby, the 36-meter high cladding of the Grandstand is transformed into a huge window of light enlivening the atrium. Designed to capture the warm rays of sunset as the grandstand opens its gates, the atrium becomes a pleasant rendezvous for spectators. Complementing the stainless steel horizontal trims of the glass façade, the atrium interiors are bordered on the opposite side by the upper floor level railings of neutral tones. The space is topped by a horse-figured ceiling creating an enclosed space of warm tones. A grandstand atrium that brims with elegance for a sporting event is a preview of what Meydan is all about.

Connecting the upper levels of the atrium are the escalators with their diagonal lines providing the visual complement to the horizontal floors. The horse-shaped skylight introduces natural lighting along the length of the grandstand which helps reduce dependence to artificial light sources – a design feature with environmental benefits.

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