Meydan Gallery & Museum

Dubai, U.A.E

The circular façade with its diamond-shaped glass panels defines the home of Meydan Gallery and Museum. Within its spacious cavern are the gallery areas and Imax theater which are the focal points of this very important structure. The glass panels illuminated by the internal light at night create the visual beacon of knowledge clearly seen from afar.

With its highly distinct circular form and diamond-shaped panels, the museum and gallery is easily distinguishable from the horizontal glass cladding of the grandstand at the concourse level of the carpark. It has a floor plate of approximately 5,000 square meters, The Meydan Gallery and Museum is designed as an exhibition area inclusive of a state-of-the-art Imax theater. The area is designed to provide generous exhibition spaces to showcase the history and heritage of horseracing here in the UAE. It is intended to be Meydan’s mouthpiece to the public to convey the history of horseracing.

Upon arrival at the entrance lobby, the dominant viewscape is that of the Imax cube entrapped in an elliptical enclosure. An abstract arrangement of shapes raises further expectations as visitors gaze to the ceiling while ascending the grand escalators. The cube which houses the Imax theater is supported by four circular columns at the corners which shelter an exhibition space.

The peripheral diagonal columns which provide the key supports to the roof deck and the diamond-shaped glass panels create a graphic and modern tapestry of the light and solids. The Meydan Gallery is a visual delight of shapes and volume and provides the perfect place for art exhibits.

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