Meydan Falcon Park

Dubai, U.A.E

One of grandstand’s major features is the integrated carpark facility – a two-tiered structure with capacity for 10,000 cars. Its construction utilized structural steel and steel deck construction to meet its completion deadline.

The Falcon Carpark was designed to take shape from an aerial viewpoint and to assume the distinct shape of a falcon with its outstretched wings. The elevated road hovering above is the passageway from the Royal Bridge to the Royal Enclosure and marks the body and tail of the falcon. Beneath its outspread wings which span 1.3 kilometers in length is the two-tiered carpark which is well-connected to the external roads of Dubai through Al Meydan Road.

The reference to the falcon is rooted from local traditions of falconry as a means of desert survival and now as a regional sport. Functionally the outstretched wings serve as collection areas for vehicles that converge to the grandstand. The two-tiered carpark is partially covered by the landscaped urban park concourse at its third level where walkways and park furniture create a safe pedestrian zone. Views of the Dubai building skyline can be seen impressively at the concourse level especially during the sunset.

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