Meydan City Masterplan

Dubai, U.A.E

Meydan Racecourse promotes the emergence of a luxurious and exclusive living and working environment within Meydan City development – a highly permeable city where residents and guests arrive via land, air, and waterways. The development required major infrastructure works that that promises new standards in luxury living, inspired business environments, and spectacular entertainment.

Meydan Grandstand at the core of the Racecourse development is connected by an articulated 50-meter wide canal that stretches approximately 10 kilometers in length from its nearest salt water connections via 2 main entry points – Dubai Creek and Business Bay canal. These connections allow Meydan Grandstand to be accessible by boats through the exclusive Meydan Boathouse – a marina integrated to the grandstand.

The introduction of canal connections within the city fabric allows the growth and development of its component clusters; hence the development of Sanctuary, Horizons, Metropolis, and Godolphin Parks around the Racecourse. Thorough research was made throughout the master planning process to ensure water quality in the entire canal network. Meydan City presents a paradigmatic example of the synergistic role of the canal in the physical transformation of a larger territory.

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