Meydan Business Park

Dubai, U.A.E

Business parks are lifestyle centers where the creative and business cultures are enhanced to achieve excellence. Today’s business parks are designed to cultivate a working culture that is healthy, dynamic, and energetic – attributes that make business parks productive centers of the urbanscape.

Located at the eastern end of Meydan Racecourse and adjacent to the Dubai-Al Ain Road is the Meydan Business Park, a 12.6-hectare parcel to be developed as a unique commercial space. Office, retail, and entertainment spaces are provided in 2.7 million square feet of built-up area, developed as a single contiguous structure. With site dimensions of 208m x 621m, a single-level podium provides ample car park spaces at the ground level. The podium deck the largest of its kind in Dubai, becomes a pedestrian concourse.

After working hours, the central concourse is dedicated as the entertainment and lifestyle hub for office employees. From office hours to the more relaxed mode of evening socials, the business park teems with social habitués transforming the formal into informal as day progresses into night.

The building form concept takes off from the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment In realizing this concept, TAK has incorporated the intelligent building design approach incorporating energy-saving and environment-friendly strategies that include building forms that harness the wind, solar-powered shading devices that reduce energy consumption, water recycling, and climate-sensitive glazing materials that improve thermal comfort.

Ten (10) mid-rise buildings are set in symmetric layout at the podium deck conveying a strong sense of community among the commercial establishments. Building forms utilizing the inherent qualities of glass and steel are combined to reflect modern architecture. Sensitivity to local climate is manifested with the trellises and overhangs.

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