Meydan Boat House

Dubai, U.A.E

Part of the masterplan approach for Meydan Racecourse is the creation of a water-linked entry to the Meydan Grandstand. The Meydan Canal will be a 50-meter wide and 3-meter deep waterway that connects the historic Dubai Creek to the racecourse development. The Meydan Boathouse will be the first marina of its kind to receive water-borne guests to the racecourse with berthing facilities to accommodate 75 boats of up to 30m overall length.

Meydan Boathouse is located at the northern tip of Meydan Grandstand providing the magnificent point of entry through its wide promenades. With the clever combinations of glass, steel, timber, and concrete materials the boathouse exudes a very sophisticated and functional appearance. An elliptical marina basin further adds to the focal point of entry enhanced further by the slender sloping row of steel columns rising over 20 meters.

In functional terms, the marina marked by its curved façade and strategic location is the only area in the grandstand that offers fine dining areas with combined panoramic views of the racetracks, canal, and the concourse. Equally impressive, the boathouse has a very unique circular atrium that allows natural daylight within. The tier seats and corporate suites are readily accessible for guests arriving through the marina.

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