Crescent Roof

Dubai, U.A.E

Positioned as the landmark function and at the highest elevation of the grandstand is the iconic Crescent Roof. With its configuration conforming to a crescent, the roof serves as the latest all-year round feature in Dubai’s famous building skyline.

Weighing more than 9,000 tons with an area of 15,000 meters square, the Crescent Roof is supported by remarkably only 12 steel columns precisely located to ensure stability. Its lofty location however subjects the roof structure to wind loads that required installation of tuned mass dampers (32 nos.) positioned in strategic areas within the roof structure. The massive structure was completed in a record 90 days requiring the combined efforts of skilled labor and specialized machinery, a limited number of which exist in the world, that can hoist 750 tonnes of steel up to 100 meters above the ground.

The construction schedule dictated that various sections of the roof to be accurately assembled on the ground and hoisted in sections to their proper locations in the sky.

The completed structure of the Crescent Roof houses the Bubble Restaurant and Lounge providing hospitality areas that can host a variety of social occasions. With dramatic views of the Dubai skyline and the racetracks, it is the perfect venue for a range of special events.

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