Bab Al Shams Arena

Dubai, U.A.E

Bab Al Shams Arena is one of the remarkable projects completed here in Dubai. In fact, the facility – an elliptical amphitheater of enormous proportions measuring approximately 250m wide and 420m long – deserves much recognition as it is considered the very first project completed on the ground by TAK in Dubai, UAE. The event space is an adjunct facility of the world-famous Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa. It was borne out of the need to construct an outdoor space that will be a fitting venue for the Arabian Night – the customary evening social event that welcomes guests to the Dubai World Cup. Completed in March 2008 in a record 75 days, the facility was designed and supervised to its completion by the TAK team in time for the year’s edition of the Dubai World Cup.

The design theme is derived from the traditional desert architecture of the region. Each of the three entryways is flanked by twin towers that are reminiscent of the desert fort design and the windtowers. Architectural finishes of warm tones, mud-plastering, bamboo trellises, and timber, imbibe a romantic sense to the huge facility. The entertainment platform extending 100m wide and 200m long was carefully hewn from the natural valley of the landform thus preserving the natural lay of the land. The tiered seating arrangement was designed to conveniently view the platform arena for a variety of functions with wide enough space for a sit-down dinner set-up for up to 7,000 guests.

Customary to the region’s Arabic hospitality, food preparation areas are strategically arranged along the periphery easily accessible to guests and providing an array of gastronomic cuisines.

During its inaugural use on 27 March 2008, the event space proved to be truly enigmatic in scale and stature. In retrospect, the experience more importantly proved to be a testament of TAK’s dynamism and unwavering resolve to meet its commitments.

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