Hotel Atrium

Meydan Hotel Dubai, U.A.E

The magnificence of the hotel atrium is expressed by the arching steel pillars of gold that rise to a height of 50 meters. The steel columns provide the structural supports for the hotel skylights and frame the glass panel cladding that envelopes the entire atrium and lounge areas. The cavernous atrium allows suites an overview of the lobby, the concourse garden, and the Dubai building skyline.

The hotel’s regal bearing finds expression from the black shimmering granite floor, the warm tones of gold, and the reflected golden hues that permeates throughout the hotel lobby giving emphasis to its elegant ambience. The lobby sets the tone of luxury that Meydan exemplifies. Visitors will be enthralled by the sense of discovery that The Meydan offers as being the world’s very first and only trackside hotel.

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